• “Nature heals…Let your food be your medicine.” Hippocrates, Father of Medicine
  • We are losing our freedom over healthcare issues.

    California Mother Harassed by Police Asking If Her Children Were Vaccinated made headlines as President Trump appointed pro-vaccine, big pharma executive to head HHS

    Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery; Dr. Richard Ruhling says our loss of freedom is becoming clear. He is a retired physician who cites a YouTube pediatrician– “Autism…No vaccines, no autism” https://youtu.be/2Ql9LkGf6ok

    The video has huge epidemiologic implications that should be enough evidence to stop mercury inclusion in vaccines as a preservative in multi-dose vials. Ruhling thinks It’s difficult to get good information because the CDC owns the patents and profits from some of the vaccines.

    Even if people didn’t know the above information, they should oppose the loss of our freedom to choose what’s best for our children—since when did the state own them? asks Ruhling who cites another reason…

    All Christians who believe the Bible should understand the last message in Revelation is a call to come out of Babylon, which may be a term for the confused systems of our society, “for by her sorceries [the Greek word is pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” Rev 18:4,23.

    Ruhling says he went through the US Senate offices with medical literature that showed medical care as a leading cause of illness and death due to adverse drug reactions, until one senator said, You are wasting your time—they own us,” speaking of drug company donations to their re-election campaign.

    Marcia Angell, MD, editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, told 60 Minutes that Congress got $400 million a year in gifts from drug companies. The Bible said a gift blinds the eyes of the wise.

    Every nation practicing western medicine is on the brink of bankruptcy for its high cost in final months to prolong life of people who mostly didn’t adopt a positive preventive lifestyle., says Ruhling who had poor health (numerous vaccinations from his MD dad?)  but is 76 and enjoying great health since he became a vegetarian in college 60 years ago.

    Dr. Richard Ruhling offers more information on his website, http://RichardRuhling.com

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